Summer season and lives drowning in underdeveloped countries…

lives matter everywhere across the world whether animals, humans, or nature everything matters, so global warming issues are at their peak worldwide. And this is the time that as human beings we should have to take care of everything around us, floods, natural hazards, calamities, earthquakes, rain issues, fire incidents, environmental issues, human being survival and all creatures on this planet have become a question mark ? For all those who care and who have a serious crisis around, Now urban or rural both have been facing these crises, So serious thoughts and pragmatic actions are needed worldwide to counter these Pakistan, 13 hours of power shortage in the summer season, and Pakistan have become more affected and facing global warming effects, because of negligence I hope so many countries have become in the same situation. So, it’s wake up call for all to be serious and be honest with your country to counter problems and so coming generations wouldn't have to face the same

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