saddest days are hard but leaves us message behind …

feelings are temporary like my laptop as i am writing with typo error throughout because of having writing problem ,some buttons have pushed me hard to write but I'm trying to write a s I'm feeling sad because of loneliness,overthinking about life,people ,friends around but still trying to fix my power back in positive way as my laptop teaches me right now that try again and have patience and write whatever your mind and heart wants to tell the world like broken keys of this computer urge me to write something,to feel something,and have faith and trust on God and timings of better days to come very soon,hope left inside me and is the first and last to say that my today's world is not good but may be tomorrow will be the best ever i wished for..i believe in my self and the timings of my better days soon to i have written almost with broken keys of my laptop

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