No Israeli, U.S, or Western country's children are greater than Palestinians


if you gave this life to them, they all will return you back in another form

My heart is bleeding for Palestinians' innocent kids, and their parents leaving even after every second of bombardment, continuing genocide, and ethnic cleansing of innocent lives …why the world is silent on U.S. and Israeli killers…why the citizens of the nation have become quiet on the barbarism of their leaders?

Why can’t they stop their tax submission from being used for genocide, and ethnic cleansing of the innocent people of the world like Gaza..why they’re unaware of the fact that the U.S only wants wars and has kept the rest of their life bombing, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, and so many countries

Please reconsider your thoughts, how many lives are needed U.s to testify their superiority and forget humanity 🙏



huma shah

peacelover,blogger,and good human,optimistic thoughts less hate ,more love this world needs. Be generous to everyone you meet is fighting a battle inside