Free palestine and their aspirations,lands,people and livelihoods matters ….

huma shah
3 min readOct 8, 2023


See the picture and analyze according to your perception.

That’s horrible scenes have been shown to us as a child ,as adolescent years,and in the middle of ages even gone through with the news of the barbarism,violence,evacuation and so on since 1967.

Is this all are justified?

Children being killed brutally on daily basis in palestines,they have no home,shelters being distroyed,basic food,necessities of life is undergone with high levels of security tasks,there is no life in palestine since 1967 and still on .The Palestinians are under attacks .

Youngsters like this boy should have fundamentalist rights to live freely like a free man as others country’s citizens have the rights .Retaliation have the right if every single man being exhausted by the single human,or society or country .Every human ,every nation has the right to react accordingly for theirrights,for their freedom.Moreover ,now it’s time to the world to thi k about on serious disputed territories under serge and occupied as palestine,kashmir,and other parts of the countries,terrorities should be free along with the aspirations of their people to live freely.

In matter of recent Hamas attacks ,nothing was unusual ,Palestinians have been faced kind of brutality, barbarism since 1967 and when it comes in reaction on low level why the world has taken live coverages of media,supportinh Israel. I mean” you can make fool everyone all the time ,but not the many all the time"

The innocent people of palestine who don’t have the power and permission to take money ,how they could go long to do all these attacks ,and live coverages of media pretending them a militantans when they belong to that land,people and fredom is their right ,self determination is their basic right.

The wold has to talk about and the people have their say ,have to think about .When the Pm of israel wouldn’t ’t have be the part of re elected as a pm ,it’s all mess been created to get sympathy by the people of even israel.And all securities being distroyed,intelligence and all stuff was distributed, and couldn’t work that’s big question mark ?

Never it has happened before?how it has in special peroid ?of re elected pm terms.

Dont play with the innocent people of the Palestinians so hard in all this

Pm of israel got benefits and Palestinians again gone in mysries as they have been faced since 1967.



huma shah

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