Eliminte everything from your life forever,who once made your soul and heart on stake.

huma shah


You deserve best and God made you too.

Don’t fall for less you deserve .

Dont lower your standards to meet the lowest .The true one will come to meet itself.

Cheers up and have grace and faith on the God’s plan.

Have gratitude and patience.

But don’t reconnect with the toxicity again.

Deserve better and have better.

Seek happiness inside

Believe in you the way you see yourself is inportant ,the way others sees you and want to seeyou

Even don’t give them a damn for a second.

You’re beautiful and doing great .

Seek validation from yourself only 💞💞💞🙏



huma shah

peacelover,blogger,and good human,optimistic thoughts less hate ,more love this world needs. Be generous to everyone you meet is fighting a battle inside..