Death is never easy word itself says “ending”so Tear come from the heart and not from the brain.People keep telling me that life goes on ,but to me the saddest part is when you loose your dear one and he was my father,was symbol of patience,love,affection,and my universe was filled with all colors infact.i remeber the moment when my dad was coughing and i was confident that life is still beautiful in that coughing and voice of my dad was generously making me more confident that still there is hope”.

death is not easy when the people around you telling you that your lovedone is no more.i could never forget the moment when my dad took a hiccup and left for eternal place .i still realizing the pain inside me for every moment when i used to remeber my superhero .he never left us how would death do this to me.And my dad left ,his open hands telling me that death is so cruel,never wait for anyone,either you love or hate,but the time comes in a way when everyone leaves to eternal place .and i remebered one thing that

“our dead are never dead to us,until we have forgotten them”

as i daily used to pray for my dad,remebering the insights he has given to me,the courage i use in to make me stronger day by day,and that i am writing little bit because of my dead.



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