Before getting married ask the question Ladies to your partner…

huma shah
1 min readJan 29, 2024

This picture shouldn't be the picture

it must be your lifeline forever ..

be brave ladies

you deserve everything in life

Do you love me? No.

Do you like me? No.

Do you like my parents? No.

Do they like you or do you like them? NO.

Am looking young, beautiful, fascinating, horny, stylish ?Not.

Do Ask him…

The first question ladies you should ask the person you’re looking for a lifetime…

where are you going?

I wanna know your future.

show me your vision on paper.

why are you asking me to follow you?

I know you are going somewhere but where I stand with you and the things you’re seeing with me

write down things on a paper and timeline.

what we are gonna do together? Ask them every single question you’ve doubted yourself later on.

ladies this is your life and your choice

don’t hesitate.

be your best version of yourself

you are beautiful and live beautifully the way your parents and you ever wished to live in this planet.



huma shah

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