Be yourself, choose yourself again and again

huma shah
3 min readJan 18, 2024

Let the haters ,manipulators do all the time some hateful stuff to do for yourself ,infact haters ,manipulators,jealous are those who cant do anything to favour you in response rest of their life ,and cant bear to be the way you are ,and they come up with negative vibes to turn you down by hating,manipluting,abusing and consider themselves to be a positive person

social psychology called the ‘spotlight effect which refers to our tendency to overestimate how much other people think about us or notice us. The reality is that everyone is so concerned about their own problems/life that they rarely, if ever, spend much time thinking about ours.

How many times have you shrunk yourself because you fear being judged or criticized or betrayal by anone or left you with consideration ?

Let all feelings throw in trash to go away forever First ;

Don’t let others stand in the way of your success. There will be many people who will decide you can’t do something.

These people are everywhere, and they may feel impactful in the present moment, but they will not matter soon enough as you progress in your journey. This is your life so stop letting other people decide it for you.

Rejection or betrayal, ignorance, blocking, hating due to jealousy, incompetency, fear factors to compete with you, admire you ..

.short of humbleness,

.sense of deprivation, feeling of insecurity, bad environment, considering them superior

or being hatred or manipulation carried out by hatemongers from the very first day you are known by him/her

A lot of us tend to play it safe because we fear failing or being rejected. We tell ourselves” I can’t do this” or” I am not good enough” or” there is too much competition”. I think it’s a sign of courage and confidence to go for something that is scary, uncertain, and difficult.

you and your heart are the most generous ones stay it safe with the safest one

So, If your heart is set on doing something that you truly believe in- go for it. If it doesn’t work, at least you tried.

Don’t be afraid to take up space. Find the strength to really believe that you belong in every room you walk into. What you have to say is just as important as anyone else in that room.

Most importantly, remind yourself that confidence is a skill. It doesn’t happen in leaps. It is slowly learned in small baby steps. There is no shame in asserting yourself in small ways. Consciously do the work every day until you truly believe that you belong in every room you walk into.

.Inshort “People Aren’t Thinking About You the Way You Are Thinking About You”

:Do the same for yourself

. do others-reflect on your best qualities,

.celebrate your strengths,

.make yourself laugh,

.treat yourself to things,

. nurture your own happiness.

Your positive light helps those around you feel cared for. Just remember to serve yourself from time to time the same selfless way that you serve others. To truly give the world your best, you must also treat yourself as your best self.



huma shah

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