Why you never asked to your leaders?Why you voted?

A simple question to all the world?

huma shah
2 min readOct 31

Please reply if you could hear me.

How would you feel safe yourselves from your recent Govt’s Actions,regarding they played their role for the “Palestinians “

Gaza’s innocent childs,genocide on humans ,no shelter,no pleas counted for them,little childrens has been killed brutally ,and Israeli’s and his allies U.s become their spokesperson, and licensed them to killed every single Palestinians innocent kids ,their houses brutally,phosphorus usage ,bombardment on civilians, hospitals,no place in gaza is saved all become graveyard with innocent lives .when superpower have played this role.

How would you feel

You are safe with them?and you would be safe in near future ?

Western leaders didn’t even condemned the brutality ,barbarism of U.S and Israel even helped them in this brutality like france,Germany,italy,india,London ,canada and so on even openly supported this act of terrorism by Israelis and U.S.

Ru satisfied and safe with them?

When they could’ve save little kids,new borns babies,hospitals,houses and killed their mothers,and every dear one to whom they once lived happily.

You’re from any religion ,play your part.

Are all they done ,humanity is save with them?

Whyyou all voted them rest of your life to kill a certificate of innocent childs to show their weapons,powers of mass distruction,use of phosphorus, chemical weapons,tanks,F-16 bombers. You all payed taxes just to kill the humanity ,just to set them free to kill more and more innocent lives like gaza’s kids.

How would you did this?

Did you ever asked to your leaders,presidents to whom you voted .

In which countries you will bomb next to take our taxes?

How long it will happen?

huma shah

peacelover,blogger,and good human,optimistic thoughts less hate ,more love this world needs. Be generous to everyone you meet is fighting a battle inside