mental peace is so important because . Without peace of mind, you might eventually begin to notice symptoms of anxiety and stress, including: sleep disturbances. aches and pains.

: Installing a security system in your home will give you greater peace of mind.

A relaxed and calm outlook can help you navigate life’s often-turbulent waters more smoothly.

Finding peace of mind isn’t as challenging as it seems. You can find peace of mind by:

  1. accepting what can’t be controlled
  2. forgiving yourself and others
  3. staying focused on the here and now
  4. going within
  5. journaling your thoughts and emotions
  6. connecting to Mother Earth



Loneliness is the lack of meaningful connections, thus to relieve it, you can’t just surround yourself with people, you won’t be alone, but still be lonely.

First, you will have to make a stronger meaningful connection with yourself.

Be honest, do not engage in meaningless social networks, where most are so much façade and egotistical parading. No wonder loneliness has become a worldwide epidemic.

Reach out to a loveable friend or family. Make new connections, but make them real and meaningful. Volunteer at an animal shelter or a retirement home, but whatever it is, make it meaningful. And indeed nobody can take the loneliness away from you, this is true for all human



you can't move something to be more than what it should,

sometimes the people we love can't comprehend what we feel.

And there will be times when you'll have to walk away from the very person for whom you, do anything for

it,s not giving up

it,s simply survival and I hope it,s you who survives

it,s me who survives…